CLCS Services

Correctional Facility Security Reviews


Cameron Lindsay worked 25 years in nine correctional institutions,  including minimum, low, medium, and high security environments; and has  experience in both public and private sector facilities.  CLCS will  provide your correctional facility with a comprehensive security review,  designed to identify security flaws, thereby assisting your  organization in abating escapes and other serious compromises to overall  security.

Stress & Crisis Management


Stress is a very real component in the life of the special agent, police  officer, probation/parole officer, security officer, correctional  officer, etc.  Because criminal justice professionals are authoritarian  figures and experience human violence, this leads to social isolation.   Ever wonder why cops typically hang-out with only other cops? This is  because they feel the rest of the world doesn’t understand what they  experience.  CLCS can assist your organization’s most valuable resource  by training them to identify and better manage stressors that are  germane to their profession

Dispute/Conflict Resolution



CLCS will help your organization resolve labor management disputes,  improve relationships between intra-organizational entities, and improve  the relationship between your organization and the community it serves.

Interpersonal Skills Training


CLCS will teach your staff how to effectively resolve disputes and  conflicts.  Good intentions aside, we’ve all witnessed criminal justice  professionals who, when attempting to resolve a dispute, actually  exacerbated the situation—either through choice of words, body posture,  and/or demeanor—when the goal was to perform the exact opposite.  Our  techniques include training your personnel about “ego states” and how  they can avoid being “hooked” in potentially volatile situations.  Expected results include a decrease in negative contacts and complaints  from those you serve, facilitating an atmosphere of cooperation and  teamwork, and reduced litigation brought against your organization.

Cultural & Diversity Training


CLCS will assist your organization by providing cultural diversity  training, which involves issues of trust, bias, prejudice, removing  “blinders,” and how our attitudes about others who are different than us  are established and reinforced through our background, stereotyping,  expectations, etc.